Members / open positions

Permanent researchers

Pr. Emeritus Claude Berrou

Associate Pr. Vincent Gripon

Associate Pr. Nicolas Farrugia

Note that the electronics department is opening two positions for associate professors. FDP ELEC EC EmS eng. FDP ELEC EC SOC eng.

Postdoctoral Fellows

New in March 2018: we are currently opening a position for a two-years postdoctoral fellowship.


The subject is Graph Signal Processing (with potentially some applications to fMRI and/or EEG data).  The position is open immediately and must be filled by June 2018. Please contact either Pr. Farrugia or Pr. Gripon if interested.

Current PhD Students 

We currently offer two joint PhD positions with ÉTS Montréal. The first one on Massive MIMO and the second one on ultra low implementation of deep neural networks.

Ghouthi Boukli Hacene (2nd year)

Jean-Charles Vialatte (3rd year)

Max Sobrosa (3rd year)

Majd Abdallah (2nd year)

Carlos Eduardo Rosar Kos Lassance (1st year)


Research engineer

Salim Graja


Some previous PhDs

Bastien Pasdeloup, now post doc at EPFL

Ala Aboudib, PhD, then ATER at Collège de France

Benoit Larras, PhD, then Professor at ISEN Lille

Bartosz Boguslawski, PhD, then Researcher at Schneider, Grenoble